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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How To Make Soya Beans Milk At Home

As the weather is getting hotter, we all need a refreshing as well nutritious  drink to keep us hydrated. Soy bean milk is a very nourishing drink which contains high levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants  such as isoflavones and little amount of saturated fats which are benefitial for over all health and growth. Also it is a good alternative for dairy milk, therefore making it a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant.
It is rich in vitamin B-complex, vitamins B-2 and B-12 which are responsible for healthy nerve, energy  and aids in red blood cells production.

It is a good source  of minerals such as calcium and iron for strong bones, teeth, and iron ensures proper functioning of the red blood vessels and the supply of oxygen to all tissues in the body.

Soya beans milk provides high levels of all the essential  amino acids needed by the body. These are transformed into antibodies that aid in proper  immune system function, hold body tissues together and  enzymes that aid in energy production.

Due to the high sugar content of many store bought soya beans milk, it is advisable to make your own at home. It is very simple and in no time, you will have your own home made delicious milk in your fridge.

Soya Beans Milk Recipe


1 cup of Soya Beans

4 cups of Water

1 liter of Water

2 teaspoons  Vanilla Flavour

Sugar or Honey to taste

Other Requirements

A seive

A Clean big pot

Two Medium Bowls

Plastic bottles or a glass jug

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Simple Ways To Send Cockroaches Away From Your House

As adults who have once been kids, we all know that the sight of a cockroach anywhere around the house makes us feel bad. I personally do not like it when it comes on me while I sleep or when I mistakenly step on it. Those sharp things on its legs gives me goose pimples.Asthma They live in kitchens where they can easily feed on food spills and water, also they can be found in wall cracks, cabinets, behind fridges, below the kitchen sink, undisturbed furniture and gardens.

They eat a variety of food spills in the kitchen, faecal matter as well as rotten waste such as cabbage, etc. Cockroaches spread bacteria and diseases to humans such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus,harbour amoebae, fungi and can also harbourfungi viruses such as the polio virus. Recent research reveal that cockroaches my also be involved with human indoor allergies such as Asthma.

How To Make Your House Cockroach Free

There are many easy ways to keep roaches out of the house and here are a few that I will mension

1. Empty the Kitchen Trash Daily:

 Since cockroaches feed on food particles and kitchen waste, it is advisable to empty it weekly. Clean any water that collects underneath after taking away the trash bag. Always cover the trash can with its lid to prevent them from getting inside.

2. Seal All Cracks:

Cracks and crevices serve as nesting places for cockroaches. Make sure you seal cracks both inside the house and those outside. Such cracks can be found in places love window frames, window moldings, around doors, under sinks, around soak away pits and openings in the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Keep The House Clean:

If a house is clean and smell fresh, cockroaches will stay away. After cooking, clean stove and cooker tops and get rid od food particles. Wash all dirty dishes and do not leave dirty plates in the sink over night. Cover left over food properly in the kitchen or dinning, or put them in ziploc bags and store in the fridge. Clean any sticky spills on the floor immediately and don't leave out cut or over ripe fruits on the table or counter.

4. Remove Yard/Compound Waste:

Get rid of yard waste such as decaying leaves and wood, straw, plant clippings. Keep wood piles far away from the house. Clean the compound periodically roaches from breeding outside the building thereby stopping them from getting in when the weather gets cold cos they migrate in search of warm places.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Irish Potato Salad The Way I Like It

There are times when you just do not feel like cooking any thing too heavy or rather you do not want to spendmuch time in the kitchen, but at the same time you want to fix something colourful, flavourful and so oh... delicious. If you go for potato salad believe me you will not be disappointed and will also be happy.

 And one last thing, your mouth starts to water when you are still putting the salad together, yes it looks that attractive, lol. When I made this recipe for the first time, my mum said" you have started with all this your "make make", I have not heard of this one before", well I told her to relax and watch me, when it was ready and I gave her her portion, she really liked it and said she will start making it too. I also wished i made more because i wanted more...Yea that's how palatable my potato salad tasted, and I have decided to share the recipe with you all my dear readers.

Helpful Tips

1. Do not over cook the potatoes in order to avoid making a mushy salad.

2. Salt the potatoes  while cooking,this makes the salad to taste better.

3. Make sure to cool potatoes in cold water and allow to cook completely before cutting.

Potato Salad Recipe


5 or 6 Medium Irish Potatoes, peeled and washed

4 Large Carrots, lightly peeled and diced in cubes

1 Small Onion, sliced

1 Medium Celery Stalk, diced

2 Large Eggs, Hard Boiled, diced

4 or 5 Tablepoons Mayonnaise

3 Cups Water

1/4 Teaspoon  Salt

Sunday, 11 September 2016

6 Ways To Prevent Mosquito Bites

My dear readers, i have been away for over a month and i know you have missed reading my posts. Well, i went on a vacation, and i rested well. I have a refreshed head now and ready to bring you more interesting posts. This is the season when mosquitoes strive and are looking for human blood to feed on. When mosquitoes bite they inject sporozoites into th blood stream thereby transmitting Malaria.

The female Anopheles mosquitoes pick up parasite from humans who are infected when they suck blood to feed their eggs. Out of over 430 Anopheles species that exist only about 30-40 transmits malaria. Mosquitoes have those that hide indoors (endophilic) and those that stay outside (exophilic). Malaria is very harmful to pregnant women and children. According to the W.H.O. 2014 report on malaria, there was an estimated 198 million cases of Malaria worldwide in 2013, 584,000 deaths are caused by Malaria, 90 percent of which occur in Africa.

Ways To Prevent Mosquito Bites
In order to stay free from Malaria you should first prevent mosquitoe bites by taking some precautionary measures which includes  the following

1. Wear Protective And Bright Coloured Clothing:

When going outdoors wear Loose Long-sleeved shirts and trousers in order to completely cover the skin. Clothing may also be sprayed with permit rin. Wear shoes and socks that cover the feet well. Do not wear tight clothing with thin fabric as mosquitoes can bite through them. Wear bright coloured clothes because mosquitoes are naturally attracted to tight dark coloured clothes,especially black and blue so wear bright colours which will not attract them.

2. Keep Your Surroundings Clean: 

Make sure your compound is clean and get rid of any standing water where mosquitoes can breed in. If you have a pool, always cover it when it is not in use and treat it with chemicals such as chlorine. Cut all grasses and do not allow dead tree leaves to linger around or heaped around the compound, get rid of old tires and used containers, natural low points on a piece of property because they form breeding ground for mosquitoes.

3. Use Mosquito Repellents:

Apply repellents specially formulated such as DEET (NN-diethyl-m-toluamide) 30%-50% which are recommended for adults and children over 2 months. Apply to uncovered skin when going outdoors or to the bush and it is effective for several hours.

4. Sleep Under Treated Mosquito Nets:

According to UNICEF, about one billion insecticide treated nets have been distributed in Africa between the year 2000 and 2015. It is advised to sleep under Permethrin treated net because it has fine holes that are big enough to allow breeze to easily pass through but can not allow biting mosquitoes to get in. Make sure to sleep without touching the sides. Also put nets on the windows so that mosquitoes  can not come in.

5. Use Insecticide Spray and Coils:

TO drive away mosquitoes from inside the house. Make sure to not stay in when you do because they are harmful to health, as some people complain to find it difficult to breath, and cough after inhaling the smoke from coils.

6. Put On The Fan & Wear Thick Socks Before Going To Bed:

Also, if you have a lot of mosquitoes around the house, sleep with the fan on because strong breeze drive them away, you can also wear thick socks on your hands and feet to cover them since clothing can not cover them properly. And don't forget to rub mentholated petroleum jelly on your ankles, wrists, and shoulder if you can not cover them maybe due to hot weather and absence of electricity.

If you follow the above measures you will surely be free from mosquito bites as well as Malaria. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

How To Make Coconut Oil At Home

One of the things I love in my beauty regimen is coconut oil. It is one of my favourite body oils. I use it for my hair, skin and face.It is one of the best body oils you can use for your skin. I have also come to realise  that the one I make myself works best and that way am sure it's not mixed with other things as the ones I buy. The coconut oil I make is natural, not heated because I learned that the heat destroys the vital nutrients.

Coconut oil is made by extracting oil through different processes from the coconut meat of mature fresh coconuts which are harvested from the coconut palm Cocos Nucifera. Coconut oil is has about 6 different saturated fatty acids which include Lauric Acid (48%), Myristic acid (16%), Palmitic acid(9.5%), Caprylic acid (7%), one monosaturated fatty acid which is Oleic (6.5%), others (5%).
Due to its high saturated fatty acid content, health authorities including the World Health Organisation (WHO) have warned that it should not be consumed regularly because studies have revealed that it increases total blood cholesterol levels, both HDL and LDL, which in turn leads to high risk of Cardio Vascular disease.

Uses Of Coconut Oil

Despite its high saturated fat content (similar to that of animal fat), virgin coconut oil has become widely used in recent years due to its sweet nutty flavour.

1. It is used in cooking especially in frying. I personally like to use it to fry eggs. It is commonly used to make baked goods, pastries, pop corn and saut├ęs. It adds calories and saturated fat to snacks leading to increased energy balance and weight gain.

2. In some parts of the world, such as the Philipines, it is used as diesel engine fuel, to power generators and transport engines. In the islands of the Pacific, it is used as engine lubricants and transformer oil.

3. For beauty and personal uses as mineral oil, moisturizer for mild to dry skin. Studies have proved that, it reduces loss of protein when used for hair.

4. It is a base ingredient in soap making. Soaps made with coconut oil  though hard, retain moisture than those made with other oils.

Other Uses
  • It was used in India before the advent of electricity for lighting or illumination.
  • Used to make repellents for preventing bug bites.
  • Acids derived from coconut oil are used as herbicides.
  • Coconut oil and it's fatty acids are used as raw materials in the manufacture of surfectants such as Cocamide DEA and MEA.
Well these are just a few uses, as coconut oil has many uses, according to Wellness Mama, it has 101 uses and you can read them on this link http://wellnessmama.com/5734/101-uses-for-coconut-oil/

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Reasons To Take A Holiday/Vacation

Holiday is the period I always looked forward to when I was a kid, especially the longest one which was end of the last term of a particular class, I felt so much excitement due the fun, long sleeps, holiday TV programs, long hours of play with friends that laid ahead...

What is Holidays/Vacation? 

A holiday or vacation is a leave of absence  from a regular occupation,or break from studies (period between terms), or a pleasure trip/ journey abroad usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. They are often spent with family, friends or alone. It can mean either going somewhere or staying in at home, otherwise known as a "Staycation".

The custom of summer break is said to have been introduced by King William the Conqueror from Normandy where it facilitated the grape harvest. In those days, in the summer rich  families(Upper-Class) moved to a summer home, leaving their usual home vacant.

A lot of workers all over the world do not utilise their vacation days according to research reasons being that they do not want to loose their jobs, they are afraid not to fall behind in their work, lack of funds, some do not want to loose chances of being promoted, while some is due to what researchers call the "Martyr Complex"- they believe they are the only ones who can do their job and are do not want work to pile up on their desk when they return.

 Vacation in its real sense suppose to mean absence from office and work altogether but recent developments in Communication Technology such as the Internet, Mobile Phones, Instant Messaging, Presence Tracking, etc have begun to change the nature of vacation such that it means absence from the work place rather than temporary absence from work.

In most parts of the world such as Great Britain, North America and even Nigeria, workers telecommunicate while on vacation by making business calls rather than completely cutting off from work. According to research, in order to get the full benefits of taking a vacation, one has to be completely disconnected from both time out of the office as well as time off work.

People who were more involved with work while on vacation, were highly exhausted and disengaged from work when they returned, while those who were completely disconnected from work were happier, more active and satisfied even when they face heavy work loads.

To completely disengage from work while away,  try not to think about the things that annoy you at work, do not check emails unless it's very important, and limit the use of electronic gadgets. Remaining connected to work during the holidays is said to generate short-term business benefits but has long-term psychological consequences.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Favorite Banana Cake Recipe

 Banana Cake Recipe

 Prep Time: 15 mins
 Baking Time: 35 mins
 Ready In : 50 mins

Even though I know cake is not good for the waist line, I still love my banana cake. It is my favourite any day any time. The flavour it give when baking gives me so much joy, lol, YES I mean the one made with fresh ripe bananas not the artificial flavour. I suppose you understand what I mean, and I have a favourite recipe I want to share with you all, I remember my NYC days when I usually made this cake in the weekends and my Copper Colleagues will will shout MAUREEN!!! what are you making? This smells like Mr. BIGG'S in Corper's lodge!!!, lol. Ok before you start salivating I will give you some tips on how to get the best cake out of this recipe, just follow the instructions carefully.

                                               Helpful Tips 

  • Make sure eggs and margarine are in room temperature, if you have them in the fridge bring them out about 30 minutes before you start your preparation.

  • If you are using salted butter, omit the salt in the recipe.

  • Use over ripe bananas to get the best flavour for your cake.

  • Separate the egg yolks from the white to have a fluffy cake.

  • Caster sugar is powdered white sugar.

  • Use freshly grated nutmeg for the best flavour.

  • If you do not have cinnamon, your cake will still come out great.

  • If you do not have a balloon whisk, use a fork.

  • Make sure all ingredients are set before you start mixing cake. 

        2 cups of flour (240g), sifted

        1 cup margarine (227g) 

        1 cup caster sugar (201g)

        2 large eggs, separated

        2 very ripe bananas, mashed

        1/2 cup liquid milk (125ml)

        2 teaspoons baking powder

        1 teaspoon vanilla flavour

        1 teaspoon nutmeg

        1/4 teaspoon salt

        1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Golden Milk Drink Recipe

Well I have heard so much about a special drink and I have decided to share it today with you readers after giving it a try. It is no other than the "Golden Milk" drink. Ironically, this drink is not made from gold, but from a combination of of any milk of choice, say coconut, soy, cow, or goat milk, etc and the wonder spice "Turmeric". Well I want to believe that not all of you know what it is. It is a spice that looks very much like ginger, but has an orange-yellow coloured flesh and a brown skin. It comes from the root of the Curcuma Longa plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

 It is native to southern Asia especially India and Indonesia where it has been cultivated and harvested for over 5, 000 years. It is traditionally called " "Indian Saffron" due to its unique deep-yellow orange colour and has been widely used as spice in curries, for healing ailments and as dye for textile. In nigeria it is known as "red ginger".

  Turmeric is well known for its therapeutic properties because it contains a polyphenol known as Curcumin which destroys a wide range of diseases. It is said that, curcumin's healing power can be compared to well known drugs for arthritis such as Cortisone which has huge side effects, but curcumin produces none of these at all.

Health Benefits 

Turmeric when incorporated in your diet, according to Step To Health has over 150 therapeutic functions. Besides rheumatoid arthritis, it has antioxidant, anti-cancer  as well as antiseptic properties.
  • Prevents hair loss, dandruff and calms scalp irritation.
  • It promotes weight loss by regulating the metabolism.
  • Fights flu, cold and bronchitis.
  • It increases the the production of enzymes that digest fats and sugars and deprives cholesterol from developing gall stones.
  • It relieves rheumatoid arthritis by reducing swelling.
  • Enables the correct functionality of the liver.
  • Promotes fast healing of wounds.
  • Reduces menstrual cramps.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Reduces blood sugar level in diabetics.
  • Fights Cancer and leukemia in children.
  • Clears up skin conditionsor and beautifies the skin and prevents premature aging.
  • It fights joint and muscle pains, headaches, and other stress related illnesses.
 This drink has a lot of benefits to overall health and can be consumed at any time of the day and at night before going to bed to aid you to sleep soundly. Black pepper is added to the recipe because it's active compound called Piperine facilitates the absorbtion of curcumin in turmeric by 1000 times.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Important Clues To Keep You Stylish And Healthy In The Raining Season

  It is that time of the year when you get out of the house all dressed up and looking your best and then all of a sudden it starts raining without any previous signs or warning. Sometimes it even starts while you are still at home and if you are not equipped it delays you because you are waiting for it to seize so you do no get wet. Moreso, besides the showers, this season comes with lots of diseases and infections such as cough, sore throat, flu, ... that makes you sick, weak and inactive.The following measures should be adopted in order to prevent such attacks on your health and daily activities:

1. Wear Season Friendly Make Up : 
In order not to end up with the "Teary Face", wear water proof make up. Apply two coats of water proof eye liner and mascara, with this if caught by the rain, you will be sure not to end up with a messy look.

2. Carry Rain Day Accesories:
They include items such as Umbrellas, Shower Caps, Rain Coats, Rain Boots, Rubber foot wears... Always make sure you have an umbrella in your bag for ladies. It comes in different sizes and colours, so choose bright coloured ones which can conviniently be in your bag every day, you can also have an extra big one at home for days when the rain is heavy and windy.Same goes for rain coats which also has different colours. It is mostly used by commercial motor cyclists, business men and women to enable them move freely under the rain as they go about their various businesses. Keep a shower cap in your bag always to wear it when required in order to prevent your hair do to be messed up by the rain.
Buy rubber foot wears such as crocs, sandals or shoes which you can wear then put your work shoes in your bag, so that the rain does not damage them, when you get to work, you can now wear them.

Rain Day Accesories

3. Wear Warming Clothes:
Such as hooded jackets, cardigans, sweaters, socks, gloves to protect your body from cold, and use waterproof bags to safegurd your belongings from getting wet, meanwhile hair products such as anti frizz serums should be used to prevent frizzy hair.

Waterproof Bag

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How Often Your Bath Towels Should Be Washed

Folded White Bath Towels
"Why do we wash bath towels, Aren't we clean when we use them?"- Steve Wright

Today's post is about bath towels and the thought of the sight of some bath towels make me have goose pimples all over, also when I hear people share bath towels I am so amazed though not very surprised cos I have experienced it at some point while growing up, when I and my two younger siblings had to share a bath towel and wash it after God knows when,lol you picture that?. Nowadays, i know a good number of people who wash their bath towels after 4 weeks of use or even more. This brings me to the question of how long you use your bath towels before you wash them, and how do you wash them?

  Experts recommend that bath towels should be washed after three to five uses, not three to five days or more. This is bacause when used to clean the skin, it removes millions of dead skin flakes, cells and dirt which sticks to the towel fibres. Also, experts say that when towels become wet after drying your body (especially urinary and anal sections), it locks in a lot of moisture, harbours odours faster, this makes them smell musty making it likely to breed moulds and fungus.

Air Drying A Bath Towel
   On the contrary, if you hang wet towels to dry and have some fresh air, these germs and micro organisms can not survive.But towels become wet again, when used the next time, the micro organisms can come alive again, so the best thing to do is to wash them before drying. It is not advisable to share bath towels with family members because if a person has a skin condition or fungal infection such as athlete's foot, it can be transmitted to another person or if it has shown signs of healing, reuse of the same towel can introduce the infection back to the skin.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

8 Ways Green Tea Is Beneficial To Your Health

Green tea was first brewed in China in 2737 BC according to legend, and gradually spread to other parts of Asia. It has come to gain so much popularity in recent years as one of the world's healthiest drinks because it contains natural chemicals called polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants which posesses anti-inflammatory and carcinogenic properties. Also, it contains a powerful compound EGCG (Epigallo catechin Gallate)which has been studied to treat various diseases. It also boosts the immune system and protects the body from free radicals.
    It is produced from the leaves of a plant Camellia Sinensis, from which black and oolong teas are also made, but the difference is that it does not undergo the process of withering and oxidation like the other two. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can include in your daily life,
Below are some of the benefits you can reap from drinking

1. It Burns Fat And Aids In Weight Loss:

     A cup of Green Tea contains about 24-40 mg of Caffeine less than a cup of coffee (100-200 mg) but enough to produce an effect to regulate fat absorption because it is a stimulant notable to that effect. It also improves exercise performance by mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissues transforming them to be used as energy leading to decrease in body fat especially in the abdominal section. It also improves arthritis by reducing inflammations. In a study which was performed on ten men, it increased energy expenditure by 4%, while another indicated that fat oxidation was increased by 17% which revealed that green tea may increase fat burning in the short term though it may vary with different individuals.

  2. It Can Boost The Mood:

     According to Anxiety Boss, Green Tea raises energy levels, refreshes and increases alertness as well as creativity. It contains the amino acid L-Theanines which are believed to combine with caffeine to improve brain function, reduce symptoms of anxiety, alleviates the mood and make you feel better.

3. Protects The Heart And Helps Promote Long Life:

   It is said that people who drink green tea on a daily basis have a 28% lower risk of coronary artery disease than people who don't. Studies which involved observation of green tea drinkers revealed that they have low tendency to have cardiovascular disease up to the rate of 31%. Total and LDL or 'bad' Cholesterol is lowered and LDL particles are protected from oxidation. If green tea fights Cancer and heart disease which are the major causes of death, it is possible that it can help you live longer.

4. It Can Relieve Stress:

    It contains the chemical L-Theanine which has a calming effect to stress. So if you are feeling stressed get sipping

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

10 Things That Happen If You Are Not Getting Enough Sunlight

"A Day Without Sunshine Is like You Know Night"-Steve Martins

Sunlight has a lot of health benefits, from treating skin conditions, depression, fighting heart disease, as well as increasing the functionality of the brain. It is often advised that we should wear protective clothing, wear sun glasses, apply sunscreen or use an umbrella when going out in the sun to prevent the damage excess of it causes to your skin, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't use some of it. The thing is early morning sunshine is a source of Vitamin D also known as "The Sunshine Vitamin". A bit of the days sun is actually good for you and not getting enough has some disadvantages which are stated below:

1. Poor Eye Health:

If you do not spend few minutes in the sun from time to time, you lack vitamin D vital for good eye health and could suffer from an age related eye disease known as Macular Degeneration that causes vision loss. Always remember to put on a pair of sunglasses to protect eyes from direct rays of the sun.

2. Body Aches:

Vitamin D gotten from the sun has anti-inflammatory which calms soreness. So not getting enough sunshine may lower your tendency of being relieved by aches and pains.

3. Vitamin D Deficiency:

If you do not get enough sunshine you may be suffering from vitamin D deficiency which according to researchers may lead to other major health issues such as cancers, heart disease, type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as cognitive issues in the elderly.

4. Weight Gain:

Lower serotonin levels as a result of inadequate sunshine intake by the body will lead to over eating and weight gain. This is because serotonin helps controls the crave of hunger. This is why people tend to gain more weight in the colder months and vice versa.

5. Low Immune Function:

Lack of Vitamin D from sunshine will mean a weak immune system because it's very essential for immune health. Without it the T Cells which are key defendants against infection can not function correctly.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Life Changing Invention

British Columbian Teenager Invented A Phone Charging Coffee Mug

Photo: Aroma Espresso Bar

An 18 year old BC teenager by name Ann Makosinski has invented a phone charging coffee mug which is called the eDrink. She made it with a layer of peltier tiles that uses the temperature differences between their two sides to generate electricity. Users can make use of this energy by plugging their cell phones into a USB port on the bottom of the cup and sip their coffee as it charges. The power produced by this cup is enough to charge a phone for 30 minutes at a time.

According to Mental Floss, the invention was inspired by her friends whom she observed always had low phone battery and also that their coffee took too long to cool down, so she decided to make this one solution to solve the two problems. It is said that in 2013, she had also used peltier tiles to create a flashlight which is powered by the body heat released from your hands as you hold it: the invention earned her a $25,000 scholarship, meanwhile the eDrink earned her a $50,000 grant from Shell in December.

The teenager said that sometime this year, she will like her eDrink and flashlight to get into the market especially those in developing countries. I think Nigerians should get ready to thank Ann as our low battery days are numbered because even though we don't drink much coffee here hot water can do the trick . * wink

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Woman Gives Birth To Five Babies In India

Quintuplet Babies

In New Delhi on Sunday April 3, in the town of Ambikapur, district of Surgaja, a 25 year - old woman gave birth to quintuplets (five babies) at a civil hospital while she was expecting one and the pregnancy was 26 weeks old. According to One India,  this is a rare occurrence in the district. Though an earlier sonography test detected more than two babies, five beat the imagination of the doctors. Also, the five babies were born within 30 minutes through normal procedure which was the first  in the district hospital. The baby girls are said to be in good condition in intensive care unit. The woman had lost her first baby- a boy immediately after birth two years ago.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

8 Fruits To Eat If You want To Loose Weight Naturally

Loosing excess weight  and belly fat is one of the trends nowadays. To some it is seen as hard work because they feel lazy to go through tedious work outs.  If you are one of such persons relax because there are other easy ways of burning fat and getting rid of the "love handles" without sweating it, one of which is just by adding these fruits to your diet.

1. Water Melon:

This is a very refreshing fruit which contains 92 percent of water. Eating watermelon can reduce bloating that is caused by not drinking enough water or dehydration. You can replace a piece of cake with a slice of watermelon to reduce calories intake during dessert.

2. Cucumber:

Just like watermelon it also contains of 95 percent water and it also contains a natural ability to help reduce bloating and water retention in the body.


3. Pineapple:

This delicious tropical wonder super fruit beats indigestion which paves the way for weight loss. It also contains a powerful enzyme Bromelain which aids in breaking down fats and protein.


4. Papaya:

Papaya is another tropical fruit which contains a digestive enzyme papain. This enzyme also breaks down proteins, repairs damaged tissues and stops inflammations.  Eat them plain or in fruit salad to reduce bloating.



Thursday, 14 April 2016

Health Defects Of Carrying Heavy Bags

Tips To Ensure Your Handbag Is Not Causing You Serious Health Problems

 A handbag is not just a fashion accessory, it a carry all for items such as wallets, cosmetics, gym clothes, tablets, make-up purse, pair of shoes, water bottle, book or magazine or both. They range from various sizes and shapes. According to Horsewear, there are 18 different types of bags:Athletic, Backpack, Baguette, Bowling, Bucket, Clutch, Duffel, Envelope, Fold over clutch, Hobo, Laptop, Messenger, Minaudiere, Satchel, Shoulder, Sling, Tote and wristlet. Each of these bags have different outfits and occasions they are used.


If you are experiencing back, shoulder, buttock pains or tingling in your hands, it's possible your bag is the cause. Nowadays, handbags are so big that they have little bags tucked inside them making them almost impossible to carry unless you scrunch your shoulder to hold them in place. The pull from the bag may lead to problems such that the upper back muscles that stabilize the shoulder blade is forced to counter balance that weight. It can also cause the trunk to tilt sideways adding lower back pain. Now how do you avoid ''The Heavy Bag Syndrome'' without abandoning your bags? Read on to find out