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Friday, 22 April 2016

Life Changing Invention

British Columbian Teenager Invented A Phone Charging Coffee Mug

Photo: Aroma Espresso Bar

An 18 year old BC teenager by name Ann Makosinski has invented a phone charging coffee mug which is called the eDrink. She made it with a layer of peltier tiles that uses the temperature differences between their two sides to generate electricity. Users can make use of this energy by plugging their cell phones into a USB port on the bottom of the cup and sip their coffee as it charges. The power produced by this cup is enough to charge a phone for 30 minutes at a time.

According to Mental Floss, the invention was inspired by her friends whom she observed always had low phone battery and also that their coffee took too long to cool down, so she decided to make this one solution to solve the two problems. It is said that in 2013, she had also used peltier tiles to create a flashlight which is powered by the body heat released from your hands as you hold it: the invention earned her a $25,000 scholarship, meanwhile the eDrink earned her a $50,000 grant from Shell in December.

The teenager said that sometime this year, she will like her eDrink and flashlight to get into the market especially those in developing countries. I think Nigerians should get ready to thank Ann as our low battery days are numbered because even though we don't drink much coffee here hot water can do the trick . * wink

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Woman Gives Birth To Five Babies In India

Quintuplet Babies

In New Delhi on Sunday April 3, in the town of Ambikapur, district of Surgaja, a 25 year - old woman gave birth to quintuplets (five babies) at a civil hospital while she was expecting one and the pregnancy was 26 weeks old. According to One India,  this is a rare occurrence in the district. Though an earlier sonography test detected more than two babies, five beat the imagination of the doctors. Also, the five babies were born within 30 minutes through normal procedure which was the first  in the district hospital. The baby girls are said to be in good condition in intensive care unit. The woman had lost her first baby- a boy immediately after birth two years ago.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

8 Fruits To Eat If You want To Loose Weight Naturally

Loosing excess weight  and belly fat is one of the trends nowadays. To some it is seen as hard work because they feel lazy to go through tedious work outs.  If you are one of such persons relax because there are other easy ways of burning fat and getting rid of the "love handles" without sweating it, one of which is just by adding these fruits to your diet.

1. Water Melon:

This is a very refreshing fruit which contains 92 percent of water. Eating watermelon can reduce bloating that is caused by not drinking enough water or dehydration. You can replace a piece of cake with a slice of watermelon to reduce calories intake during dessert.

2. Cucumber:

Just like watermelon it also contains of 95 percent water and it also contains a natural ability to help reduce bloating and water retention in the body.


3. Pineapple:

This delicious tropical wonder super fruit beats indigestion which paves the way for weight loss. It also contains a powerful enzyme Bromelain which aids in breaking down fats and protein.


4. Papaya:

Papaya is another tropical fruit which contains a digestive enzyme papain. This enzyme also breaks down proteins, repairs damaged tissues and stops inflammations.  Eat them plain or in fruit salad to reduce bloating.



Thursday, 14 April 2016

Health Defects Of Carrying Heavy Bags

Tips To Ensure Your Handbag Is Not Causing You Serious Health Problems

 A handbag is not just a fashion accessory, it a carry all for items such as wallets, cosmetics, gym clothes, tablets, make-up purse, pair of shoes, water bottle, book or magazine or both. They range from various sizes and shapes. According to Horsewear, there are 18 different types of bags:Athletic, Backpack, Baguette, Bowling, Bucket, Clutch, Duffel, Envelope, Fold over clutch, Hobo, Laptop, Messenger, Minaudiere, Satchel, Shoulder, Sling, Tote and wristlet. Each of these bags have different outfits and occasions they are used.


If you are experiencing back, shoulder, buttock pains or tingling in your hands, it's possible your bag is the cause. Nowadays, handbags are so big that they have little bags tucked inside them making them almost impossible to carry unless you scrunch your shoulder to hold them in place. The pull from the bag may lead to problems such that the upper back muscles that stabilize the shoulder blade is forced to counter balance that weight. It can also cause the trunk to tilt sideways adding lower back pain. Now how do you avoid ''The Heavy Bag Syndrome'' without abandoning your bags? Read on to find out