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Thursday, 9 February 2017

10 Remarkable Things To Do On Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day also known as The Feast Of Saint Valentine  is a day celebrated mostly by many christians around the world to honour one of the early saints called "Valentinus" who was killed by a Roman Emperor Claudius II on February 14th, 270 A.D  for standing for the preaching of Christ  and for teaching people about the love of God .
It is a time to show love by sharing heart warming messages, gifts, flowers, confectionery and so much more. But there are lots of misconception by people about the things to do. A lot of immoral behaviours have been associated with this day especially by the youths. Instead of engaging in something you won't be proud of in the long run, there are many fun and remarkable things you can indulge with your lover, friends and family members on that special day.

1. Meditate And Pray:


Since it is a day for celebrating love, I personally think the one person that has so much love for humanity is God Almighty as the book of John 3:16 says it all. So you should set out some time to Meditate on His word, pray and thank HIM for his unending love for you and for sustaining your life even in the midst of all the troubles in this world.


2. Cinema: 

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Before that day visit your local cinema websites to find out the movies that will be showing. Decide together with your friends or alone on which one you would like to view and you can book your tickets online or physically before time, this way you may evenue get a discount. Grab yourselves some pop corn, go in, sit down and enjoy your movie and you will be glad you did.

3. Picnic:

You and your friends can organise a great picnic together. Either to to the beach or any other place you decide to go. This is another fun way to spend your Valentine's day. Organise some good food, drinks, Wine, Fruits and music, don't forget to go with some speakers to play your favourite songs. Each person can volunteer to bring different food varieties so the burden will not be on one person, and you remember the saying "There Is Love In Sharing".

4.Go To The Beach:


Pack your  bag with sunscreen, a hat, a pair of sunglasses and your swimming suite and head straight to the beach. You can arrange and go with your friends and you can have lots of fun. Don't forget to go with a ball so you can have a great game of beach volley ball. That will also be a great way to work out.

5. Visit A Park / Zoo:


When was the last time you saw a lion or an elephant? As or me it has been very long. This is an opprtunity for you to visit the zoo and go with some bananas to feed the monkeys. Am sure you will like to take selfies too for memories that will last for a life time.

6. Visit Family And Friends: 

This day may also be a good time to visit and catch up with some family members and friends you have not seen for a while. You can organise a home made dinner or go for a night out. This will make them know that they are important people in your lives and that you love them Call them if you wI'll not be abe to meet them physically. Make sure you buy them gifts as well.

7. Go For A Road Trip:


Yes you head me just right! This is a journey with a car to an exotic destination. It may take several days , a day or hours. You and your friend or friends can plan one on Valentine's day and go somewhere you have always wanted to go. Whether it lasts for the whole day or several hours will depend on you what you want and how you want it.

8. Volunteer To Look After Orphans:


Show some love to children who have no parents or family members to love them. You can arrange with the orphanage people that you want to take care of the children that day. Bath them, change their diapers, play with them, feed them, teach them to draw, write... This is even more love than buying them things.

9. Visit The Sick In The Hospital:


This is another remarkable way of spending your Vals day. Some people in the hospital can not pay their bills. You can go there and settle the hospital bills of just one patient, you can even do that without letting the patient see u. Let he/she just receive the news from the doctor that someone did that for him/her as a gift for that special day. Believe me the prayer of such a person will work wonders in your life.

10. Organise A Fund Raising Event To Help The Needy:


You and your friends can even organise an event on that day with the aim to raise funds which you will donate to the poor and the needy. You can do a bake sale or a walk, a run, just something remarkable to help bring these set of people out of their miseries and nightmares and make a huge difference in their lives.

Believe me when I say that you will be happy at the end of the day, if you engage in one of these things as a way to spend your Valentine's day because by doing them you will be indirectly showing love to your self rather than the other way round.
 My Dear Readers, are there other fun things you can do on Valentine's Day that you will like to share with me? Feel free to leave your comments, questions and observations in the comment box, I love you all, xo xo xo xo, wink.

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